Review Requests

We do accept books for review, but at this time, we’re being extremely selective in what we do choose to read. I’m pretty busy these days with other things and Sara is about to graduate—so her reading time is limited.

However, Sara is very interested in print copies of supernatural and paranormal YA books for possible review, so if you’ve got one you think she might like, feel free to request a physical address where you can send it. :) (See below for details on how to ask if we’re interested in your book.)

As for me, I generally prefer ebooks these days, in EPUB format.

Comment here with a summary of your book (it will be moderated) and use the email address you want me to reply to in the email field. Your comment will never be made public so no one who visits this site will ever see your request (and your comment will be deleted after I’ve decided to either ask for a review copy or pass).

Finally, you should note that both of us prefer to abandon books we don’t like versus struggle on through and write a negative review. You won’t find many negative reviews on this site for that reason.

Story Heaven celebrates the books and stories that work for us as readers and viewers, and doesn’t belabor those that don’t. :)

We do not post reviews to retailer websites.