Kresley Cole Immortals After Dark Books

Lothaire (Kresley Cole - Immortals After Dark)One of my favorite authors of paranormal romance is Kresley Cole. I became hooked when I read A Hunger Like No Other and ever since, I have been in love with her Immortals After Dark series. It wasn’t until later that I went back and read the short novella "The Warlord Wants Forever" that started it all.

See below for the newest book, Lothaire, in hardcover!

Here’s a list of Kresley Cole’s books in the Immortals After Dark series. If you want to buy the book or read reviews, just click the included links. These books are worth it. ;-)

Immortals After Dark Books

  1. The Warlord Wants Forever (novella) in Playing Easy to Get (paperback or ebook)
  2. A Hunger Like No Other (paperback)
  3. No Rest For the Wicked (paperback)
  4. Wicked Deeds On a Winter’s Night (paperback)
  5. Dark Needs at Night’s Edge (paperback or ebook)
  6. Dark Desires After Dusk (paperback or ebook)
  7. Kiss of a Demon King (paperback or ebook)
  8. Deep Kiss of Winter (novella) (paperback or kindle)
  9. Pleasure of a Dark Prince (paperback or kindle)
  10. Demon from the Dark (paperback or kindle)
  11. Dreams of a Dark Warrior (paperback or kindle)
  12. Lothaire (hardcover or kindle)

Recommended Romance Series

Favorite Romance Series

Romance series are usually strikingly different from other series types. Mystery series usually carry on with the same protagonist in each book, and fantasy series can be that way too. Most romance series, however, usually trace a family or a group of friends (for instance The Malorys and Immortals After Dark). The connections are often loose between each book, and sometimes, like in the Arcane Society books and the Curtain books, the characters rarely even know of one another from book to book.

Although some romance series do follow the relationship of a main couple from one book to the next, as in Amanda Quick’s Lavinia Lake and Tobias March series, these aren’t my favorites. I like to explore the relationship between new couples in every new book.

My personally recommended romance series