A Song for My Mother – Kat Martin

A Song for My Mother Kat Martin

A Song for My Mother by Kat Martin

New York Times Bestselling Author Kat Martin has written a lovely book to celebrate Mother’s Day. At 155 pages in the hardcover edition, this story is just over novella length, long enough to engage avid readers but short enough for anyone to enjoy.

Kat Martin is the author of over 50 romance novels. A Song for My Mother is a romance novel, but maintains a heavy focuses on the story between the daughter Marly Hanson and her mother Winnie. It’s about past mistakes and letting go and moving on.

Set in Dreyersville, Michigan, A Song for My Mother tells the story of Marilys (Marly) Hanson, a woman who ran away from home with her boyfriend while she was in high school. She has a young daughter who has just been treated for brain cancer who wants to meet the grandmother she’s never known. Marly returns to Dreyersville to give her daughter Katie that opportunity but things don’t go well. While in town, Marly meets the sheriff Reed Bennett. They share an attraction to each other but Marly has no intention of sticking around Dreyersville and risking her heart. But Marly eventually realizes it’s time to come to terms with the past so she can have a future.

A Song for My Mother is a simple story that will satisfy many readers.

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