Site Updates Planned for 2019

I’ve been holding onto this site for years hoping I would one day want to start updating again. That day seems to have come. My plans for 2019 include adding some new stuff here and enjoying the chance to talk about some favorites.

First up, I’ll post about my favorite science fiction book series of 2018, the Murderbot Diaries, which led me to what is probably going to be my favorite fantasy series of 2019 (the books are older than that, but I just discovered them so 2019 is it). I’ll also be posting about these on my fan site for science fiction and fantasy TV and books.

Then I’ll spend some time updating some of the lists of my favorites. A lot of that is still relevant but I’ve also spent the last few years reading and adding even more books and stories to my personal list of favorites. :D

Before all that, though, I’m actually planning an overhaul of the back end up this site. Currently, it runs on WordPress, but I don’t like the new direction WordPress is taking so I’m ready to get this thing off that software. Time to go back to basics. That might take a month or two. It all depends on how efficiently I can transfer the content I have here into the new format.

Site Rollback and Assorted Changes

If you haven’t noticed, there are a few posts missing, all of them the newer ones. I’ve made a few back end changes that necessitated a site rollback to a previous version. Then I updated a few things, starting with the site’s look. It’s a little plain and simple, but it’ll do for now. :)

Anyway, expect to start seeing the occasional update again soon. That really was the purpose of the changes—to make it easier to throw a post up when I want.