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Amanda Glass, a Jayne Ann Krentz pseudonym

Books written as: Jayne Ann Krentz | Amanda Quick | Jayne Castle | Stephanie James | Jayne Bentley | Jayne Taylor | Amanda Glass

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Shield's Lady bookcover
Shield’s Lady written by Amanda Glass. Click image to buy
Shield's Lady bookcover (as reissued with Jayne Ann Krentz as author)
Shield’s Lady cover as reissued with Jayne Ann Krentz as author. Click image to buy

Jayne Ann Krentz only wrote one book under the name of Amanda Glass. The use of a pseudonym for one book that is similar to others written under JAK boggles the mind. I’m sure at the time there seemed to be a sound reason for the use of another name on this book–but I don’t know it.

I have a summary of Jayne Ann Krentz’s pseudonyms on a separate page.

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