The Eclipse Bay Trilogy by Jayne Ann Krentz

So today I started listening to the Eclipse Bay Trilogy. Eclipse Bay is one of the few books, along with its sequels, I haven’t read by Jayne Krentz. I don’t know why I didn’t read them, other than that they didn’t come out in hardcover, but I’m so glad I decided to read them now. It’s like a sweet little Christmas gift to myself while I wait to find out if I got Running Hot as a present.

I’m trying out a new format for the book though. I’ve downloaded the audio version of Eclipse Bay and I’ve been listening to that as I do Holiday stuff that needs doing, such as gift wrapping. The thing is, though, I feel like I’m missing something. The first love scene in the book was completely glossed over. I know I was listening in bed (I have the book on my smartphone) but I thought I might have fallen asleep or otherwise skipped over something, until I realized I had an abridged version. I wasn’t aware that it was abridged when I downloaded it. I took a look at the book (I have a paperback copy of Eclipse Bay, of course) and that was how I discovered the abridged-ness of the audio version I was listening to.


I was really enjoying not having to work at reading a book. However, there’s no way I can enjoy it now, knowing that I’m probably missing all the good stuff.

Now I’m just trying to decide if I want to finish listening, or go to the book and start over from the beginning!

What would you do?




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