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Elizabeth Boyle, author of English historical romance novels, is a more recent addition to my favorites. It’s always nice to find an author who writes great books and also has a backlist large enough to keep me happy for a while. That’s been the case with her.

I read One Night of Passion a few weeks ago and decided I had to read more, especially once I found out many of her books are connected by family and repeat characters. If you’ve spent any time on this site at all, you’ve already figured out that I love series.

So far, Elizabeth Boyle writes only historical, and frankly I hope that’s where she stays. Her writing is fresh and fun and I so enjoy her characters!

Books by series or connection and interconnected stories

My Favorites

Of course, there’s the first book by Elizabeth Boyle that I read, One Night of Passion. How can it not be a favorite since it introduced me to both the author and the Danvers family? I loved Georgie and Colin, and everyone else who played a part in the story.

Another favorite is Something About Emmaline, with a hero who has invented a fake wife for himself to keep marriage-minded females away. I love the way he’s introduced to his suddenly real fake-wife-Emmaline. Emmaline was a lovely character and Sedgwick was totally entertaining.

Available as ebooks:

Elizabeth Boyle Books

There are also quite a few of Elizabeth Boyle’s books available for the Kindle.

Elizabeth Boyle also has one of the best author websites I’ve seen. There you can find family trees, book connections and lots of behind the scenes details about her wonderful books. www.elizabethboyle.com

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