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Book Trailers and Videos for Jayne Castle’s Books

Jayne Castle has released several cute book trailers (video ads) for her books in the Ghost Hunters series. I like them because they feature the dust bunnies, which just happen to look exactly as I pictured them! My favorite is the Dark Light trailer because of how it incorporates the teaser for the story itself. The dust bunnies are cute, but it’s the book’s story that appeals to me most.

Silver Master

This book trailer is for Jayne Castle’s Silver Master. It features Araminta the dustbunny.

Dark Light

This book trailer is for Jayne Castle’s Dark Light, and features Elvis the dust bunny.

Silver Master (Cadence City – Davis Oakes, Celinda Ingram) :: There’s a neat video trailer for Silver Master

Dark Light (Crystal City Guild – John Fontana, Sierra McIntyre) :: Watch the cute book trailer for Dark Light

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bookcover image for Silver Master

bookcover image for Dark Light




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