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Johanna Lindsey has been a perennial favorite author for me since the early 1990s. Many of her books are in my all-time favorite book lists and they’re up there are the very top of the list.

Gentle Rogue - the best girl-pretends-to-be-cabin-boy ever
Gentle Rogue, the best heroine-pretends-to-be-a-cabin-boy ever
Defy Not the Heart - my favorite medieval of all time
Defy Not the Heart ranks as one of my favorite medieval romance novels of all time
Warrior's Woman - a long time favorite
Warrior's Woman, a long time favorite

But there’s a definite but here. Sometimes she writes wonderful stuff. And sometimes she doesn’t. Her bad books tend to be very bad and a while back I finally gave up on the hardcover editions in favor of waiting for the paperbacks to arrive in the bookstores.

(Here’s a trick for you. If you wait until right after the last hardcover release is out in paperback for the first time and the new hardcover release is just out, you can often get the hardcover copy of the next older book at a bargain price on Amazon. I’ve gotten several hardcovers of Amanda Quick this way for less money than the newly released paperback version. See this page for a list of current hardcover bargains of some favorites.)

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